Has it happened to you that you are about to say something, but you forget just a detail or something like a name, and then you forget why you were saying it? My name is Andre Malebran, and I'd probably be the guy on the team who would say, "You said it for..."

Structures and Guidelines: "Events and shows," (2022)

Workshop: "Senior Project," (2022)

Interactive Media

I am a Journalist with a Master's in Communication from Chile, where I graduated with distinctions. Then, after 12 years of giving the community a voice with the press, I took my passion for communications to the next level thanks to the Interactive Media Management program at Centennial, where I created content strategies for successful local and international UX design projects.

I worked on the content of websites of different ventures through a digital agency in Chile and wrote and edited tasks in leading media.

After the postgraduate program at Centennial, in my luggage of creative tools, a beautiful mix was consummated between my more than ten years of experience in communications with design thinking that changed my paradigm based on narrative structures to the development of information architectures.

Thus, I came to the interactive media industry with the idea of providing care in the concepts and coherence of the ideas that users expect in their experiences.

You should have the moral rights to every bit of data that exists, now and forever.”

Jaron Lanier

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